There’s no denying that although we like the
a lot of women that come out in past
, we can easily always utilize more queer superstars to fawn more than. Yes, Michelle Rodriguez and
K. Stew
will always an integral part of all of our fantasies, but damn it, we want even more. What exactly is worse is a lot of those gay-appealing celebrities in many cases are really not. How often are we able to discover
? Apparently, loads. To such an extent that people’ve created a summary of a few of our really preferred popular ladies who have closed our goals by staying with their particular straight firearms. That is not to state we could actually ever know for sure whether these females may sooner or later alter their unique tune, but thus far, these girls have all but affirmed their particular shortage of fascination with sapphic love.

Maura Tierney

Maura Tierney has experienced a touch of a

cult lesbian after

since the woman days as Lisa Miller on ”


,” and it’s really not surprising. Tierney is definitely puffing hot with a sultry vocals as well. Unfortunately, though, Tierney has never already been recognized to have sort of queer tendency, heading from a 13-year relationship with Billy Morrisette to, well, who knows? Tierney’s been divorced some time now but she helps to keep situations hush hush, but that does not truly reveal such a thing. For the time being, all we can do is actually hope that she’s recreating *that scene* from

“The Affair”

inside her actual and personal existence (just in case that you do not understand what I’m speaking about, Bing it—you’re pleasant!)

Tori Amos

Tori Amos provides undoubtedly constantly exuded some significant queer gender appeal, but despite the woman greatly gay-learning group of fans, Amos by herself never been often proves to be gay at all herself. The singer-songwriter provides actually been married (to one) because the late 1990s, and they’ve been with each other ever since. Even in the event she actually really does get a hold of herself single once more in the foreseeable future, we’ve all must put the fantasies from the Cornflake lady at the rear of, because looks the woman charm could be the merely homosexual thing about her.

Rachel Weisz

Who willn’t have anything for your oh-so-sensual Rachel Weisz? British bombshell has actually usually had lesbian appeal but never ever moreso than in recent years in ”

The Favourite”

and ”


.” Yes, that is when Weisz turned it-all up to 11, but sadly that isn’t the way it is in true to life. In some way, Daniel Craig placed a ring upon it in 2011 and contains was able to hold the ageless charm happy from the time. But hey, as long as she keeps taking on roles like the woman finally couple of, we could attempt to have a look past it.

Sandra Oh

“The Killing Eve”

star may discuss lots of on-screen biochemistry using the unsafe Villanelle, but that does not mean it translates into an off-screen love. In interviews,

Oh provides actually raised that their particular biochemistry

actually even sort that we desire. The previous

Gray’s Structure

actress is pretty tight-lipped about the woman sex life, but you will find so far zero evidences that she’s playing in regards to our staff in virtually any which method. All we understand is actually she ended up being hitched (to a man) for three many years possesses already been silent about the woman relationship since. Nevertheless, you would think if she happened to be even a tiny bit queer, she’d maybe recognize exactly what it will mean to audiences for her figure end up being a little lezzie, correct?

Natasha Lyonne

Alright, ‘Tasha. Understanding with you will still keeping difficult your own hetero credit? Your ex which turned into an immediate symbol in ”

But I Am A Cheerleader”

whom afterwards became very freely sexual (and beautiful) actresses in history is actually, unfortunately, nevertheless not homosexual. Just a few decades back, she again updated the entire world

she wasn’t queer

(although she at least confessed to trying to rest with ladies in yesteryear, for whatever that’s value). Lyonne is partnered with Fred Armisen (yeah, i am aware), but we will see just what tomorrow keeps when it comes down to former-”


celebrity who’s constantly on every queer women brain.

Blake Vibrant

Many of us were after the impossibly stunning Blake vibrant since the woman times on

“Gossip Female

.” Other individuals fell difficult on her behalf in her own gayest part ever before opposite Anna Kendrik in ”

An Easy Benefit

.” But despite Lively’s power to rock and roll an electrical fit that includes pocket view, word is actually she is perhaps not queer by any means. In fact, Lively is hitched to and contains three kids with Ryan Reynolds, but we can nevertheless dream of an alternate market in which she and (the intimately fluid) Kendrik make it work, correct?

Brett Butler

Exactly how is actually Brett Butler with this listing? Many of those which grew up in 90s fondly remember the deep-voiced comedienne and star of ”

Grace Under Fire

,” and I also know I’m not by yourself in having thought she had been gay as all get out. But if you are doing a touch of perusing on the web, you’ll find that you’ll find nothing to remotely suggest Butler is actually in any manner an Ani Difranco enthusiast, so to speak. Butler’s been hitched twice, both instances to males, and has now never been proven to big date women though, generally there you really have it.

Whoopi Goldberg

These are celebs have been big within the ‘90s, it seems that Whoopi Goldberg normally not batting in regards to our staff. Yep, yes it’s true. Goldberg has actually addressed the hearsay (and the undeniable fact that despite becoming straight she stays a gay icon) in

numerous interviews

. While rejoin gay christian single today, the star has become hitched 3 times (and yes, all to guys), possesses never once been connected romantically to a lady, very guess that ends up that.

Busy Philipps

A lot of us grew up with crushes on ”

Dawson’s Creek”

and ”

Freaks and Geeks”

lovable actor Busy Phillips. And in fact, there have been even rumors rotating around this lady and ”


co-star Michelle Williams. Nevertheless, Phillips is extremely right. She is the sort of straight that directly lets you know, ”

Yes, I’m directly.”

Which means there’s absolutely no speculating about any further. Imagine our favorite ”

Cougar Town” queen

would have to continue to be thus in our fantasies.

Salma Hayek

Surely men and women gay and directly identical are fantasizing over Salma Hayek since that dining table dancing in ”

From Dusk Til Dawn

,” but she won over a lot more queer hearts after taking on the part of notable bisexual artist Frida Kahlo from inside the film ”


.” Regrettably, in recent times, Hayek has come out to share the

dreadful darkside to that particular sapphic world

(screw you, Harvey Weinstein) and it has almost been

affirmed are strictly straight

. As much as everybody knows, the Salma of your desires merely exists in the shape of an

animated lesbian taco


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